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The Non-Invasive Surgical Alternative for Heel or Elbow Pain, and DFUs

The OssaTron™ is approved by the FDA to treat chronic plantar fasciitis and chronic lateral epicondylitis that has failed to respond to conservative treatments.

Premier Shockwave, Inc. is the nation's largest mobile OssaTron™ service provider -- servicing over 450 hospitals and surgery centers in 42 states.

The dermaPACE™ is FDA cleared to treat diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) that have not healed after 4-weeks of conservative care.

Premier Shockwave has been selected by SANUWAVE Health, Inc. as the exclusive distributor of the dermaPACE™ system to the Veteran's Administration, Indian Health Service, and Tribally operated healthcare services throughout the United States.

Premier Shockwave is a non-physician owned, privately held company.

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